Evolv Cricket

Cricket Pocket Dab Rig Vaporizer


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Compatible with: Evolv Cricket Replacement Parts, Evolv Cricket Tub Assembly

Made in Ohio, the Cricket is the cannabis connoisseur's dream device.


The Cricket is the most advanced all-in-one pocket dab rig ever created. Taste every terp with tightly controlled temperature handled by the most sophisticated chipset for dabs that has ever existed. It's airflow is designed to deliver waterpipe smooth hits and dense vapor without any harshness.

The heating technology ensures that over 90% of the concentrate is delivered to the user so there's very little wasted material and small dabs have a big impact.

The heating changes heats up and down extremely quickly. Within 5 seconds, you can take a puff and put it back into your pocket without any worries about hot liquid leaking out.

It also features built in concentrate storage and a built in loading tool.

  • Variable Voltage: Up to 600°F, 1° adjustable
  • Battery: Built-in 850mAh
  • Size: 116mm x 39.3mm x 12mm
  • Charging: Type-C
  • Heating: Titanium Tub
  • Heat Up Time: 1 Second
  • Display: Digital
  • Draw: Fire Button
  • Airflow: Fixed
  • Magnetic Cap
  • Dab Tool and Storage Built-in
  • Made in the U.S.A.

1 x Evolv Cricket Device
2 x Glass Chimneys
5 x Silicone Pucks
1 x Built-in Dab Tool
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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Cricket Pocket Dab Rig Vaporizer